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A monument or marker is created to represent a person’s life. For this reason, we only use the best materials and use skilled designers and craftsmen to cover every intricate detail of a memorial. We offer a beautiful selection of traditional and contemporary monuments and markers. There are unlimited possibilities regarding shape, lettering style, and personal symbolism. Our professional and experienced consultants will help you design a memorial that will satisfy your heart-felt need to honor your loved one.

We specialize in providing these personalized monuments for your loved one, with service being a cornerstone of that process. We will provide you with an exact-colored, scaled proof before your memorial is ever produced at our production facility. This proof can be forwarded to you via e-mail or fax. When the memorial is finished, it will be delivered promptly to your location.

At Wilbert Vault & Monument of Somerset, our monuments are as unique as the individuals they represent. We have a wide selection of monuments to view at our office. To see more visit fewellmonument.com.

Our Granite Colors

Some of our available designs

Here is a sample of the monuments we have on display. Inventory changes often. Please come by anytime to see our selection or design your own monument.

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